1. Talk With Extremely Thick Accents. - All of them.

Fargo is NOT in Minnesota. I'm offended.

2. All Talk At The Same Time. - A Prairie Home Companion

Ok, maybe we do talk over each other a little bit...

3. Put Dead Fish in Our Neighbors Cars - Grumpy Old Men

It's a waste of fish, and we are way to passive to actually do that.


4. Put All Fish Houses Right Next To Each Other. - Grumpy Old Men

Unless it is some sort of tournament or event on the lake, that doesn't happen.

5. Rollerblade in the Mall of America - The Mighty Ducks D2

Security would be on you so fast. No chance you'd get away with it, especially doing tricks through the theme park.

6. Murder Contestants at Small Town Beauty Pageants - Drop Dead Gorgeous

If murders were happening in previous years around the pageant, it would be long cancelled.

7. Spending Random Parts of the Day Rehearsing at First Ave - Purple Rain 

Last time I checked, you can't just hang out there whenever you want to escape your home life. It isn't a Caribou Coffee.

8. Teenagers Randomly Owning and Managing The Minnesota Twins - Little Big League

No. Just no.

9. Tasting Homemade Pudding and Saving a Small Town Factory From Shutting Down - New In Town

That sentence is just ridiculous.

10. Ending Up Possessed by a Demon After a Concert in a Local Dive Bar - Jennifer's Body

"Devil's Kettle" Minnesota where the film takes place, is actually Hovland, way up north.

What is something ridiculous that you have noticed in a movie based in Minnesota?

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