According to a new survey, 14% of Americans have a strategy to survive in case of a sudden zombie apocalypse. That is roughly 1 in 7 people. That number seems awfully high, are that many people actually convinced this could happen?

Last summer, Pete Hanson found a list of the best places to survive a zombie attack in Minnesota, but I want to talk about the worst places.

The bottom of the survival totem pole includes:

  • Pipestone (Pipestone): Survival rating = 77.3 (Population 4,034)
  • Freeborn (Albert Lea): Survival rating = 75.9 (Population 17,703)
  • Nobles (Worthington): Survival rating = 75.4 (Population 13,247)
  • Lac qui Parle (Madison): Survival rating = 71.0 (Population 1,417)
  • Renville (Redwood Falls): Survival rating = 69.7 (Population 4,990)
  • Kittson (Hallock): Survival rating = 67.9 (Population 908)
  • Lincoln (Ivanhoe): Survival rating = 66.8 (Population 552)
  • Red Lake (Red Lake Falls): Survival rating = 64.0 (Population 1,731)
  • Murray (Slayton): Survival rating = 62.6 (Population 2,021)
  • Aitkin (Aitkin): Survival rating = 59.1 (Population 2016)
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Most of these towns are in pretty remote rural areas with a low population size. Which could work to their advantage and disadvantage. In small towns everyone knows each other, and if they are willing to work as a team they could easily fend off zombies as a group force, increasing their chance of survival. Also living in remote areas teaches you to ration resources and work with what you have. Which can also be a disadvantage. Once supplies run out, you'll be in trouble.

Another benefit to being in those off-the-grid areas is that the odds of zombies actually making it there are pretty slim. A disadvantage: once one person gets infected with said zombie virus, the whole small population is doomed.

So even though these towns are the ones where you are less likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, I say if you play your cards right you will be just fine.

And in case you were wondering what 14% of American's plans are once apocalypse hits here are the top answers:

1.  Gather guns, ammo, and other weapons.

2.  Find a good place to hide and regroup.

3.  Gather supplies and food.

4.  Relocate to a place with fewer zombies.  So, not a city.

5.  Meet up with family and friends, so there's strength in numbers.



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