If you've ever been to a Minnesota Thanksgiving dinner, then you know there's a certain order of operations. Most people will bring a dish to share, you can always count on someone bringing up religion or politics, aunt Cathy always forgets what holiday it is and wears her Christmas gear...it's fun. It's what we live for. If you're hosting a Minnesota Thanksgiving this year, here are the 10 commandments.

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1. Thou shalt have a designated room blocked off for coats (probably your guest room).

2. Thou shalt serve a platter of Minnesota Sushi as an appetizer. If you don't know what this is...do you even go here?

3. Football must...I repeat...MUST...be on the television.

4. Black Friday ads need to be readily available for thy guests.

5. The kids table shall include a designated spot for the fun uncle or aunt.

6. Thou shall devise a plan to clean up the water puddles created from snowy shoe mountain.

7. Pie must be served immediately following the meal (I mean, we leave room for this).

8. Our political relatives will have a spot at the end of the table in the corner.

9. Your bathroom must have ample amounts of toilet paper AND room spray.

10. Alcohol is a must for the adults.

BONUS: The meal needs to be a traditional one with turkey, and all the fixin's otherwise you're asking for a heap of unhappy campers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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