Though April 7 this year marks or marked National Beer Day, Minnesotans know how to celebrate beer all the time. My boyfriend, who is from Texas, told me when I first met him if there is one thing Minnesotans know how to do, it's drink, especially our beer. For some that's a compliment, for others maybe not so much.

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Despite that, there are plenty who take their beer drinking seriously and are very specific about the kind of beer they drink or brand for that matter. Is that you or do you appreciate trying different types? Personally I have never been the biggest beer drinker, but I do enjoy a good Cider or Sour, especially from some of the local breweries right here in Minnesota and the St. Cloud area.

Craft beers have become incredibly popular over the past decade or so and Minnesota definitely has their fair share of breweries. But you can also get those craft beers on taps all over the St. Cloud area and according to Yelp, these are the,

10 Best Craft Beer Bars in the St. Cloud Area: (According to Yelp)

  • 1 - The Pickled Loon - review "The menu was very interesting. I had the sword fish salad and it was light and refreshing. My husband had the swordfish tacos and they were delicious. Fresh veggies and great mix of flavor. Place was great! Would be an excellent place to hang out for some craft beers! - Stephanie A."
  • 2 - Crooked Pint Ale House - review "Great tap beer selection! We stopped for lunch and ordered a cheeseburger special. Burgers were thick and juicy! Bartender was friendly and working hard getting ready for the weekend. - Sarah W."
  • 3 - The Boulder Tap House - review "...This is a solid place to grab a bite to eat and have a delicious craft beer to wash it down. Most certainly would recommend and return. - Danny A."
  • 4 - RJ's American Grill - review "What a great find on our return cross-country road trip from Yellowstone back east! Excellent red curry shrimp, walleye, wedge salad, craft beers, win, and kids menu!!! -Tony C."
  • 5 - Granite City Food & Brewery - review "Always good food by my favorite is their Sunday brunch! Try some of their local brews, very good. -Mark D."
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  • 6 - The White Horse Restaurant & Bar - review "Awesome restaurant! Definitely a bucket list place to eat at! The beer selection is second to none! -Kevin H."
  • 7 - Jimmy's Pour House - review "If you are a night shifter this is your holy grail! I get off at 6am. Enough time to shower then head out for my night out at the bar. The food has been great and the service friendly. They have a variety of craft beer and also serve a full bar for your early morning boozers or just your over nighters that need to relax and enjoy their time after work. -Steve P."
  • 8 - Jules' Bistro - review " the chain restaurant wasteland that is St. Cloud, Jules' is a freaking godsend...My only quibble would be that they don't have beer on top (although they carry a very limited but good selection of bottled craft beers... -Gail P." Although this review was a little bit ago and on Jules' Bistro website it boasts to have "over 30 craft beers".
  • 9 - Anton's Restaurant - review "The craft beer selection is pretty impressive and the attention to detail and customer service separates this restaurant from many others. - David O."
  • 10 - Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill - review "Best local sports bar.  All the popular beers, plus a few craft beers. Excellent liquor selection, and able mixers tending bar. - Joe C."

Now remember if you don't like the top 10, you can always help our your favorite Craft Beer Bar by getting your review in at Yelp or at least letting us know where your favorite place is to get a craft beer.

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