About one year ago, I lost my sweet big lug of a dog, Sampson, my Great Dane. That dog was incredibly special to me for the four years he was with me. It's amazing what social media can do. Facebook pops up your history; sometimes bringing back a little bit of sadness.  Since then, I've had a few changes in my life. My new boyfriend has never met Sampson, but he knows Gloria. Our new kitten Pneuma has made friends with Gloria and Mr. Bean, and everything seems like it is as it should be.




For days, I've received hundreds of well wishes on Facebook; cards in the mail; flowers from; The kind words from friends and family; and Advanced Pet Care Hospital in Sartell as well as the amazing doctors and staff that worked through the most difficult days for Sampson at Blue Pearl Emergency Pet Hospital in St. Cloud, and my friends at the Tri County Humane Society; even my sons orthodontist.

It is so amazing that people understand what the loss of a pet means to a family; and I just can't thank you enough for your kindness.

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There have been a lot of changes at home. The quiet is something that's the hardest to get used to. His mere size is something you don't forget. Sampson had his very own couch in the living room, right in front of the big picture window. He had a  handmade wooden table that my Dad created so we could adjust the height of the table as Sampson grew. Our house is filled with half chewed dog toys, blankets and memories.


For the first few days, I don't believe that Sampson would leave my side. I felt his presence every time I got in the car. Like he was still riding around in the back seat. He took one more trip to Princeton with me; to run like crazy across Mom and Dad's farm. One of my favorite memories is watching that beautiful graceful shiny boy run around the entire farm in about 3 minutes. So precious and amazing. He chased a bear away last year; that was amazing. He was brave, sweet and beautiful.

Each day is turning more into great memories; and adjusting to life without him physically. Mentally, he's still here.

Thanks again for everything!

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