Everybody is waiting for warmer weather... and I'm panicking cause it's already March.

As you wait for warmer weather to get rid of this snow so you can break out your shorts and flip flops, I need time to slow down a bit. Brittany and I are working on the room that will soon be our baby's room... what does this have to do with warmer weather? Well, warmer weather means the baby is almost here and we didn't realize how much stuff we had in the spare bedroom upstairs until we really started cleaning it out getting ready for August (That's the month the baby is due).

There is a guest bed in that room now and a dresser. We just added that bassinet (pictured below) that we bought off some from friends for cheap, we have a crib on the way and glider rocker chair. In other words, we know what we have coming into the room, but all the papers, clothes, games, and junk in general... most of which I didn't know we had, is taking a long time to go through to make sure we don't throw out anything important or with personal information on it.


Matt Fallon/TSM


With all the things we have found, that more than likely we'll never use, I think a trip to the World's Largest Garage Sale could be in our future.

So, warmer weather means the baby is almost here, but we are nowhere near ready yet!