I used to dream of the day that I had millions of dollars to do anything I wanted with. When I was 12, it was building a roller coaster in my back yard. This guy actually did it and that's why he is Father of the Year - unofficially.I know there are lots of kids out there that are dreaming of one day having their very own coaster in the backyard to just ride and ride and ride. This kid is the luckiest kid on Earth because his dad not only loves his kid but is smart enough to design and build something like this.

It really is incredible that he could do this for his kid. Think about it, now his kid will be the MOST popular kid on the block, in the neighborhood, in the school, maybe even the whole county. He just has to work on a pulley system to get it up the hill, I'm thinking after the first party, his arm is going to get really tired.