This Guy Has to be Father of the Year [VIDEO]
I used to dream of the day that I had millions of dollars to do anything I wanted with. When I was 12, it was building a roller coaster in my back yard. This guy actually did it and that's why he is Father of the Year - unofficially.
Baby’s Got Her Favorite [VIDEO]
Women are born with a certain knowledge of how the world works. And men will remain forever the most endearing way. Daddy wants to know , "Who's your favorite?" and won't stop until he gets what he wants.
Dad Has A Sense Of Humor [VIDEO]
I remember Ricky watching this video  in  the studio the other day and it made me laugh.  This is something my father would have done.  Probably where I get some of my strange behavior.
Dad Drops Daughter in Attempt to Catch Foul Ball [VIDEO]
So guys, if you are going to drop your kid trying to catch a foul ball, you should at least CATCH THE BALL! This guy ditches his daughter because she can't get her arms up fast enough to catch it herself. I guess he won't be getting a card from her on Father's Day!