I've been lucky to have some the best jobs and co-workers at each of the jobs that I've held.  However, there have been things that have driven me absolutely crazy!

Every business has their own ways of handling things but I think some of it should just be common sense.

Here's the top 5 things that drive me insane at work:

  1. Sending me emails that don't pertain to me -- This happened often at my last job and it bugged me because I was already inundated with stuff I had to handle.  I didn't want (or need) anymore!
  2. People not cleaning up the break room -- Dude, we all use the kitchen and not everyone wants to smell your leftovers.  Clean up after yourself, it's work and Mommy is not here to clean up your mess.  Seriously!
  3. Computers freezing up -- This is horrible when you work retail.  It cripples you and you're always going to have that one customer who is not happy about it.  That's why I think there should be an expert at each store instead of one person at a corporate office.
  4. Moving stuff on my desk -- I don't mind if you use my stuff but put it back and put it back as you found it.  I have my stuff arranged a certain way for a reason (ugh, that sounds way more picky than I truly am!) and I want to keep it that way.  Get your own desk!
  5. Whining -- If you don't want to work here, go find another job.  If the boss is that bad, go find somewhere else but don't complain about it at work.  It brings morale down and puts everyone in a crabby mood.

What's something that drives you crazy at work?