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Kimmel Lies to People About the 4th of July [Watch]
Happy 4th of July! Let's celebrate by watching Jimmy Kimmel make fun of how little Americans know about the holiday in this edition of 'Lie Witness News.' Thank you ABC. Thank you Jimmy. Thank you Val's (for no reason other than I like hamburgers).
Jake Owen Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ [VIDEO]
It's no secret I'm a huge Jake Owen fan, and when I found out he was going to perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' I set my DVR. Jake performed 'Alone With You' and 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' for Kimmel and his studio audience on Tuesday night (Feb. 21), and did a f…
All Trick and No Treat for These Kids [VIDEO]
Parents, like me, know that kids can give us so much darn grief. So, if we can give them just a little, tiny bit of grief, we not only deserve it - we should enjoy it. And I enjoyed these parents telling their kids, "I ate all your Halloween candy" so very, very much! Thanks Jimmy …

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