National Unfriend Day has come and gone - a day where you can unfriend people on your Facebook page. Some of those people might be the ones that just annoy you with all their ridiculous updates, others might just not make the cut because you don't like them.

It is actually quite refreshing and liberating to me when I unfriend people that I just can't stand to see their posts anymore. Maybe they send me game requests all the time - I don't play the games. Maybe they give me a step by step guide to their day - I don't have time to care. Then there are those that share everything from their lives including their kids bowel movements - I really don't have time to read that.

So, to help celebrate this national day of cleaning out the clutter, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker perform To All The Friends I've Un'ed Before for Jimmy Kimmel! Go ahead friends, unfriend all you want... I already have!