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News Team Gets Pranked Live on the Air [VIDEO]
There are plenty of videos out there of newscaster bloopers and pranks, and most of them are worthy of your time, this one however, is more than worthy, it's one of those videos that leaves you thinking 'seriously?!'.
Best Breakup Song Ever Written by Couple Who Just Broke Up
Jonathan Mann has written a song a day every day for almost 1,300 days. Seriously. A lot of them are very silly, but he and his girlfriend broke up yesterday, and they did a song about that. It is maybe the best breakup song ever written, because of its sincerity, maturity and plea for friends to st…
Woman Rinses Off at Car Wash After Pooping Her Pants
We've been doing this blogging thing a long, long time. We go back to Blogspot pages and Geocities sites being under construction. That said, we know when it's best to write very little and just let the video do all the explaining.
We'll dummy up the words and let this woman's but…
Did He Really Just Propose Like That? [VIDEO]
What in the world was this guy thinking? Men....they really have no idea what women want do they? For some reason this guy thought it would be a great idea to propose to his girlfriend while faking a plane crash, yes I'm serious. I would have said no!

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