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Russian School Girl Gets the Final Word, er Kick [VIDEO]
There are laws in the US to protect our kids from abusive teachers. In other countries, they haven't quite caught up to us. In Russia, for example, it is still ok for a teacher to berate a student in front of the class. But one little girl gets her revenge.
This Granny Knows How To Party! [VIDEO]
School is back in session and football season is here - that means lots of tailgating will be happening at campuses and venues across the country. There is nothing wrong with having some fun. What makes it better is when you see someone having a lot of fun and that person isn't someone you woul…
Could This be any Cuter?! [VIDEO]
One of the latest videos to go viral on the internet is this one right here. Watch these super adorable twin girls (who clearly have an ear for good music) dance while their dad plays the guitar. I love it!

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