Bacon and Eggs Make a Sweet Treat
The Girl and I love to get a little crafty - but The Girl is only three and she sometimes gets a little frustrated with Mommy's craft choices and their difficulty level. So, when a craft is as cute and as easy as this one - score! Plus, everybody knows - everything tastes better with bacon (eve…
Beer Filled Chocolate Easter Egg [VIDEO]
Well, finally someone had the brilliant idea to put two of my favorite things together just in time for Easter! Brazilian beer maker Skol has infused its brew into the creamy middle of some Cadbury-like Easter eggs that are available in, of course, six packs.
Dye Your Easter Eggs With Onion Skins
My chickens are busy gals, laying over a dozen eggs every day. They lay a beautiful blue-shelled egg that would look great in any Easter basket but what if we took things up a notch? I heard you could use onion skins as a dye so I gave it a try. Here’s how to do it.