Well, S’mores were good but let’s be honest – that wasn’t cooking. It was melting and I don’t think anyone doubts that things will melt in your car this week. So, let’s try some real dashboard cooking! Today, I’ve got a tray of cookies baking in the car and, so far, things look deliciously promising. They need another couple of hours and I’ll let you know the results.

Meanwhile, I thought, if I was going to be eating trays of S’mores and cookies, perhaps I should attempt to cook some real food. You know, just to anchor down the sweets in my stomach. Eggs seemed like a good candidate for baking on the dash of an overheated car so I put two of them in a frying pan and let the sun go to work.

I was tempted not to tell you how they turned out because…they were such a spectacular failure! They didn’t so much cook as they became dehydrated. Ever had a dehydrated egg? Me neither, they really did not look edible. Kind of shriveled and caked onto the pan – gross.

Now, in full disclosure, I did have to pick up my little girl from daycare while they were cooking. Though I tried to drive like a little old lady, they got sloshed around quite a bit. They also got a good blast of air conditioning. I know! How is an egg going to cook in an air conditioned car? Obviously, it’s not but I was also unwilling to cook myself and that seemed a very good possibility.

So, S’mores? Yes. Eggs? NO! And cookies? Still to be determined.