Yes. I'll unabashedly admit it. I'm a huge Tom Cruise fan. I was a senior in high school when Top Gun hit the big screen. Shared my first kiss with my favorite high school girlfriend while we watched it in the theater. Almost put my name on the dotted line to join the Navy because of Maverick, Goose, and the might of the F-14 Tomcat. Ironic that Tom flew one in the movie...and became one when he married young Katie Holmes. Sure, he's older and wiser. Sure, Katie made a big fuss over her "crush" of Tom. Sure, we all thought it was just another passing Hollywood hook-up. Then in no time, a wedding, a daughter Suri, and a couch jumping incident to profess his love for his beloved Kate.
And now, 6 years later, Tom-Kat are divorcing. While we don't know the circumstances surrounding their situation, it saddens me to see a couple I thought were going to actually beat the odds not make it. This was the third marriage for Tom, 49 and the first for Katie, 33. Their daughter Suri is now 6. As this announcement is only a few hours old, both sides are saying all the right things about making certain their daughter is their number one priority. However it pans out, I wish all three of them the best of luck. I also wish for Top Gun 2, as you can read about here. Not so sure I'll get either of my wishes.