When I was a kid they were called "Bomb Pops", but that name was swapped out for a more friendly "Patriotic Pop". Here, fresh ingredients mix with lemonade to make a cool and tasty treat with NO high fructose corn syrup! 


First, I took a pound of fresh strawberries and cut off the stems and then cut the strawberries into fours and put them in the blender with some stevia leaf extract to cut the tartness of the berry. I found that a pound was too much, but fresh in season strawberries can't be beat, so I just poured the rest into an ice cube tray and I'll use it to chill my lemonade.



Next, I poured the mixture into my popsicle molds. (Only go about a third of the way up, because you'll need room for the other two ingredients.) Then I put them in the freezer.




After the strawberry mixture was good and frozen, I poured in some Vitamin Water Zero "Squeezed" flavor. It's super good and it's also sweetened with stevia. Again, don't go all the way to the top because you need room for the blueberries. I put the molds back in the freezer to set up.




Then, I put blueberries in the blender...




...and poured them into the molds and put the sticks in. The blueberry part was kind of messy, so make sure you lay down paper towels or something to protect your counter.

I put the molds back in the freezer and let them harden. How did my Patriotic Popsicles turn out?