I spent yesterday afternoon at Minnehaha Park in south Minneapolis for the first time since I was probably ten, and highly recommend it for a date, family outing, or a quiet walk alone (and a glass of wine and some oysters on the half-shell if that's your thing).

Besides the natural attraction of Minnehaha Falls, which are running at a very high rate, there's all kinds of things to do in the 193-acre park, including occasional live music, pools, bike and other fun wheeled rentals, a visitor's center, miles and miles of great trails, tons of picnic facilities, a great little restaurant, and the 53-foot Minnehaha Falls.

An old park pavilion has been converted into a cool little restaurant called,'Sea Salt,' serving fried and grilled seafood of all kinds. Tacos, sandwiches, jambalaya, and more; plus beer & wine. It has kind of a southern 'seafood shack' feel to it, and the food is fantastic. (I had a fried oyster Po' boy, a cold, locally brewed beer, and a smile.)

It's a great place to kick around for a day. Have fun.