I never had one, but a child's security blanket can protect them from everything: The Boogie Man, thunderstorms and whatever may be lurking in the closet, but a new high tech security blanket is out there to protect kids from other, more sinister threats. 

I babysat a lot as a teen, so I understand how important a security blanket is for a child. Security blankets are there to protect the wearer from everything like closet monsters, thunderstorms and brushing their teeth. Now, a firm has come out with a "real" security blanket to protect the wearer from storm debris, and sadly, bullets.

It's a great idea, but it's awful that these are needed.

These new, high tech security blankets called The Bodyguard Blanket are being manufactured by a company called ProTecht and marketed to schools as a way to shield kids during tornadoes and school shootings.

The blankets are designed to be worn like a backpack. They're worn over the shoulders and are spread out to cover their body as the child huddles underneath. The blankets are made from a lightweight, bulletproof material and are less than a half inch thick, but the company claims they can protect against flying debris during a storm and can be put on quickly in the event of a shooting.

The idea came about after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado last year when several children died because their school lacked a tornado shelter. The makers claim that even at a cost of $1000 dollars per blanket, it's cheaper than having to build a shelter.

What do you think? Would you purchase one of these for your child's school?