In today's edition of ‘Get To Know Pete & Cindy,’ we’re looking at our employment history. The topic: What three non-radio jobs did we have the longest? Airline pilot? Nope. Cardiologist? Not that either. Guess one of my three, and one of Cindy’s three; and you’re the winner of a Subway sandwich platter. We got a winner! Here are the answers.

Cindy's three longest held jobs (other than radio) were 1) Teachers aide, 2) Nursing assistant, 3) Convenience store cashier. For Pete it was 1) Bank teller, 2) Kinko's manager, 3) Salesperson for a software company.

Here are our favorite WRONG guesses for Pete this morning:

  • Bartender.
  • Pizza delivery.
  • Waiter.
  • Construction.

Here are our favorite WRONG guesses for Cindy this morning:

  • Veterinarian assistant.
  • Fast food worker.
  • Carnival worker.
  • Nanny.