In today's edition of 'Get To Know Pete & Cindy' we're talking Minnesota State Fair. While we agree that 'food' is our favorite part, the question this morning is: What's our favorite thing about the fair (other than food)? Guess one of my top-3, and one of Cindy's top-3; and you're the winner of a Subway sandwich platter & 98 Country shirt. See the wrong guesses (and correct answers) here.

The correct answers for Pete are 1) Grandstand Shows, 2) DNR Fish Pond, 3) Animal Barns. For Cindy it was the 1) Big Slide, 2) Sky Ride, and 3) Free shows & demonstrations.

Here were the incorrect guesses for Pete:

  • Machinery Hill.
  • The big slide.
  • Milk the cow.
  • Beer garden.

Here were the wrong guesses for Cindy:

  • The big pig.
  • Shopping.
  • Karaoke.
  • Animal barns.
  • Space needle.
  • The aquarium.