Dandelions are cute for about a minute, then it's time to get rid of them. They spread everywhere and make your lawn crappy. Here's a couple ways to get rid of them.

Keep in mind there's not a very quick way to get rid of them that I'm aware of. The video above tells you one way, and the video below shows another way to kill them. Both are time consuming, yet very effective.

Considering how fast they can spread, either of these methods should be done right now. Each day you wait to do it, they'll literally double in population and take over your yard as well as your neighbor's yards.

I live in Sartell, and all my neighbors are extremely fickle about their yards. You can guarantee that they'll be asking me to take care of the dandelions in my yard the moment I get home. They have a right to ask! If I spend hours getting rid of these, the last thing I want is my neighbor's weed-filled lawn spreading these seeds all over mine again.

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