I have several nicknames, some of them embarrassing and others totally inappropriate.  I've gotten them from friends and family alike.  I have a couple that I really like.

When I was young, I had lots of nicknames.  There are a couple that I won't even mention but my dad used to call me Snuffleupagas, like the Sesame Street character.  I'm not sure why he chose that one but I liked it.

As I got older my nicknames got drifted away from being G-Rated because, well I have an inappropriate sense of humor.  Let's just leave it at that.

Now, one my closest friends calls me Mittens (or Mitts, for short) because I constantly where my mittens.  It's strange because now we have a cat named Mitten so sometimes I get confused -- not that it takes much!

Do you have any nicknames, embarrassing or not?