It all started Monday evening. I could feel the sore throat coming on so I downed a couple Benadryl and went to bed early, hoping to beat the oncoming cold. No luck, I woke up the next morning on what felt like my death bed. Sore throat, body aches as well as ear aches.

It hasn't gotten much better so yesterday (Wednesday) I visited the CVS Minute Clinic, mainly because my mom told me to. I don't like seeing professionals for ailments like this because they usually just tell me things I already know. So one hour, a negative strep test and $124 later I was told to go home and take some Tylenol. Great. As if I couldn't have figured that out for myself.

If you are also battling cold or flu like symptoms ('tis the season) here are some things that I have found helpful! Plus these tips are free and you won't need to waste your time hanging around a drug store.

- A Hot Bath to Help Muscle Aches: I am not a bath person but it helped my body to not feel like it was hit by a truck driving down 94. A few drops of lavender oil made it super relaxing.

- Ricola Throat Drops: The lemon mint ones are a lifesaver throughout the work day.

- Chicken Noodle Soup: Every. Single. Meal. I can't do solid food when I have a sore throat. I have been living off Campbells Chicken and Stars Soup

- The Holy Grail of Cold Medicine: Alka Seltzer Plus Severe Sinus and Cold. My aunt told me to get this and it is a gift from above. My severe throat pain almost disappears when I drink this magic juice. Cash Wise sells it for about $6

-Take a sick day: I will be the first to admit I hate taking sick days. I like to be productive but sometimes it's better if you just focus on getting your body back to normal. Work can wait a day.

What other cold and flu tips and tricks do you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!