I have been involved in countless bachelorette parties over the years. I have planned, funded, and attended so many I could probably call myself an expert and no one would argue.

The themes have ranged from cowgirl to beauty queen (yes, I'm serious - I was Miss Texas). I have had fancy restaurant dinners and backyard barbecues. I have been transported by buses, limos, boats and taxis. And I have sang karaoke, ridden a mechanical bull, danced on a pontoon and even watched a bride carry around a blow-up doll all night!

Now that you know this, you have no reason to question my credentials, so trust me when I tell you these are the best places in town to have your next bachelorette party!

Benton Station

Sauk Rapids

This place has so much to do it could be a one stop shop. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of renting a bus or a limo, Benton Station is a great place to party at, because there is so much to do you don't have to leave.

Earlier in the evenings on Friday and Saturday nights Benton Station hosts a comedy club - it's usually two comedians that last between and hour and an hour and a half. Everyone loves to laugh, so this is a great way to start out the night.  Following the comedians, Benton Station always hosts a live band on the back stage, you can check out the band schedule here, and on the front stage they have karaoke. They also have pool, darts, two dance floors, and plenty of tables if you just want to hang out.

If this sounds like a fun place to be, but you would also like to go out on the town for a bit, Benton Station has their own limo service. You could meet there for the comedy club, take the limo around for a couple hours, and end up back there to finish the night off dancing to the live band and singing karaoke!

Rollies Rednecks and Longnecks

Sauk Rapids

Whether it's for the whole night or just a stop on your itinerary, make sure you go to Rollies Rednecks and Longnecks! It's a great place to get in touch with your inner country girl.

They have a huge dance floor with live bands on the stage on Friday and Saturday nights. But the main attraction is the mechanical bull! Ladies, just make sure if you are wearing a dress you throw a pair of shorts in your purse. This is just one of those things you have to try once in your life - just to say you've done it. Have your cameras ready when you walk into Rollies.  Trust me you will want to have these memories documented.

The Fun Van

St. Cloud

When I think of  a bachelorette party the first thing that comes to my mind is bar hopping! It's always fun to hit up a few different bars around town, since not everyone has the same taste in atmospheres. This way you can keep everyone happy with a change of scenery.

The big problem with bar hopping is finding a way to get everyone from one place to the next. Limos are  expensive, and unless you really splurge for a massive limo, the standard limo only seats 8-10 people, which isn't usually enough space.

Buses are another option for transportation, but unless you have a party of 25-30 people to fill the bus and bring down the cost per person, they can be really spendy too.

The best option for transportation I have found in this area is The Fun Van.  They offer 7 different buses that seat from 14-30 people, and they are affordable.  Now these are not your typical buses, all of The Fun Van vehicles are fully equipped with entertainment to make sure you have just as much fun between bars as you do at the bar. All the vehicles have TV's with DVD players, you can play CD's, listen to the radio, and the best part, sing karaoke! Each van has a huge list of karaoke songs pre-programmed into their system, all you do is enter the song you want into the remote, grab one of the two microphones provided, and sing your heart out! No worries if you don't know all the words to Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' like everyone else, they are displayed on the TV screen for you. The Fun Van is a fun way to get your party from one place to the next safely, so if bar hopping is your thing, check it out.

Pioneer Place

St. Cloud

The Pioneer Place is right downtown St. Cloud, and offers a great variety of entertainment. They have three different rooms that can be rented out if you would like your party to be private. Plus a beautiful veranda that overlooks 5th Avenue. If you want to start the night out with drinks outside, The Veranda is the place to be.

You don't have to rent a space to enjoy a night of fun here though. The Pioneer Place offers everything from wine tasting (their wine bar offers over 250 different kinds of wine), to dinner, to live entertainment.

This is a great place to go and have a fun night with your girls in a more intimate setting. And if you still want to party like a rock star after you have sipped wine and had dinner on the veranda, you are already downtown in the middle of all the action, no need to call a cab, just walk across the street.


Richmond, MN

Aunt Kay's Cabin is the perfect place to rent for a weekend away with the girls. I have done the weekend cabin get away for a few bachelorette parties, and I would have to say they were my favorite. There is nothing better than getting away from it all and hanging out with your friends. Plus having a whole weekend gives you plenty of time for both fun and relaxation.

Aunt Kay's Cabin is located on the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes in central Minnesota. The property actually sits on a private peninsula, with 6 acres of land and 2400 feet of private lake shore. The cabin sleeps 10 and offers all the amenities you could ever need.

The property also has a private dock for a boat. Don't worry if you don't have a boat of your own, they have a large pontoon you can rent for an addition cost.

Kay's Cabin is located close to town as well, so if going out for dinner and drinks one night is something you want to do - then put it on the itinerary.  Don't worry if you run out of vodka or forgot the eggs for your Saturday morning pancakes, a grocery store and liquor store are just a few minutes down the road.

This place offers everything you could possibly need for an amazing weekend with out having to go far from home.

Alright ladies, now that you have all the information you could ever need for your next bachelorette party, start planning - just don't forget to give me a little credit!

And if you can help add to the list of the best places in St. Cloud for a bachelorette party, add your ideas below!