I don't know. Have people always been this crazy?  I just don't remember so many people going on rants in public. People ranting at fast-food employees, store clerks, or just about anyone is a target, it seems.

Imagine, you are just settling into your seats on opening night at the Guthrie Theater all ready to experience "A Christmas Carol." Instead, you get "A Christmas Karen."

All of a sudden a woman who is obviously having a bad night stands up and proceeds to rant about, well, no one is really sure what her problem was.

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According to Flickr.com, social media was buzzing with posts about this woman's rant that lasted about 40 minutes.

No one knows exactly what set her off but she began her rant just as the lights were starting to dim for the play to start. A Twitter user tweeted "Two people in front of her took a selfie during the curtain speech," which "made her very angry and she decided to take her mask off because they were also 'breaking the rules."

Another Twitter user wrote that the woman began to scream racist stuff at "non-white audience members sitting right in front of her."

The woman was then heard screaming "You ruin my night at the play, yours is going to suck." she continued her rant with "They're mocking Shakespearian drama while they watch an English play," she continued. "Losers! Losers all of you. You don't know what Macbeth is. Macbeth! Macbeth!"

I never realized this but yelling Macbeth in a theater is thought to bring on bad luck. That's exactly what it did for this woman because police arrived and took her away.

Guthrie Theater Managing Director, James Haskins released this statement after the incident;

“On November 12, the Guthrie Theater’s performance of A Christmas Carol was delayed due to a disruptive patron in the audience. Members of Audience Services and our Health, Safety and Security Team responded immediately and asked the individual to exit the auditorium. After approximately 30 minutes, the person was peacefully removed by police and the performance continued. The staff who responded to the incident believe it was an unplanned, isolated event, and unrelated to any safety protocols the theater has required of its audience members. We greatly appreciate the care our staff demonstrated in handling the situation, and thank the audience for their the patience and support.”

The Guthrie should maybe have changed the marquee to "A Christmas Karen"


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