ST. CLOUD -- With winter weather here it's important to look at how to handle a relatively unforgiving season.

Stearns County Emergency Management focuses on five different aspects of winter safety during the five day stretch of November 6 - 10, these are:

  • Monday - winter storms - warnings, types of storm.
  • Tuesday - outdoor winter safety - ice and clothing safety.
  • Wednesday - fire safety - candles and other fire.
  • Thursday - indoor winter safety - home winterizing, heating and carbon monoxide.
  • Friday - winter driving - slowing down, road conditions.

Emergency Management Director Erin Hausauer says it's important to keep even small, basic winter clothing on or near you.

"We talk about making emergency kits for your vehicles, and putting important supplies in the trunk of your car, keeping your hat and mittens in the car with you is a good idea."

Hausauer adds as the holidays approach, part of making sure you're safer in your home is making sure your decorations aren't exposed to fire hazards.

"And also consider this is the time we start seeing holiday decorations, and that also certainly can be a risk if not used properly."

When it comes to winter driving safety, besides making sure you have warm clothing with you in your car, make sure you keep an emergency kit in the trunk. Hausauer also encourages checking Minnesota 511 for up-to-date road conditions.

Another helpful tip for winter driving safety, tell friends and family if you plan on taking a long winter road trip.

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