I was on Facebook this morning looking at my central Minnesota news feed. At the bottom of the feed usually displays various groups in the area. Typically, I'll see Facebook garage sales pages, hobby groups, etc. But, this morning I nearly fell off the couch when I saw there was a 'Central MN White Singles Facebook Group'.

Seriously? That's really a thing? Oh, yes, friends. It's a thing and has nearly 1.5 THOUSAND members. It was created in August of 2017. If that's not bad enough, someone just created a a Central MN White Singles Dating Group 2 on April 14 that already has over 50 members.

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My jaw dropped when I saw the groups descriptions read, "This group has no rules. Anything goes. No social distancing rules. Colored people allowed."

I just can't believe how ignorant that description is, in more ways than one. How in the world is this group able to be a thing, and why aren't we talking about this? YIKES.

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