Sam Alex from Taste of Country Nights recently asked some 98 Country artists what they never leave home without when they go on tour, so it got me thinking: What would I bring on tour? 

Rascal Flatts asks for a female masseuse back stage to work for $1 per minute with unlimited minutes. Shania Twain wants 10 pounds of carrots. Keith Urban eats breakfast twice. Taylor Swift gets three different coffees from Starbucks, one slice of their pumpkin loaf, Twizzlers licorice and dill pickles. I guess when you're a celebrity everyone is at your beck and call, and will do whatever you want when you want it. Must be nice.

If I went on tour, I guess I could see the massage thing, and Starbucks. I love Starbucks, but a good Starbucks backup is Tim Horton's. I actually prefer Timmy's when I'm in a town that has both.

I would bring my husband Glen and my cat, Lula Belle. Of course, Lula would need her special food, a litter box and water. I would also want pizza from a local pizza place, but only on Fridays. If I ate pizza every day, I'd weigh a metric ton. I would also like chocolates, my special burrito bowl from Chipotle, a chilled bottle of moscato, a 12 pack of Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, Vitamin Water Zero in Power C, Go-Go and Squeezed, but the Squeezed is only for days when it's above 80. Oh yeah. I also need a personal trainer to work me out after all that food!

I think that's it!

What would be on your tour rider?