I am part of several area Facebook groups and recently stumbled upon a post that made me think about what local business I wish would come back to the area.

The original poster shared an old photo of the old Sears building, and expressed how they wish the store were still open. That's how I feel about several area businesses that are no longer in town.

For me, I really miss when the pet store was in Crossroads Center. It was so much fun to go shopping on Saturdays with my mom and then casually stop by the pet store on our way home. Waving at the puppies and kitties was always my reward for being a good and well behaved kid while my mom shopped.

Another business I really miss is Famous Dave's. I crave their BBQ. Now, I have to drive at least an hour to enjoy it. My mother-in-law lives in Forrest Lake, so there's always that extra motivation to stop and see her since the BBQ chain has a restaurant there. You haven't lived until you've tried their Sunday brunch buffet.

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Does anyone else remember Big Lots? My mom used to shop here A LOT. We'd always come home with a bunch of stuff we definitely didn't need...but, it was all pretty cheap. I enjoyed having this store as an option.

I feel like only 90s kids remember Discovery Zone. It was an indoor play facility for kids. I once lost my cousin Lindsay somewhere in the tunnel system. It was so much fun. I wish I could take my two-year-old there now because I know he'd love it.

There was a cheap dollar theater in the Crossroads Center parking lot where Famous Dave's used to be. I loved it because the movies were in my "kid budget". The theater showed movies that were just out of the theater before they went to DVD. It was pretty awesome.

There are so many businesses that once thrived in this area that are here no more. What business do you miss the most that you wish would come back to St. Cloud or central Minnesota?

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