Zip lining is freaky if you've never done it before. Want to see just how freaky? We took our GoPro's to Brainerd to give you the full experience.

Ava, Shannon and I headed up to Brainerd where we met Mitchell, the GM at Minnesota Zip Line Adventures. We had great experienced guides to settle our fears. The 1st line was the freakiest, but after getting that out of the way we were excited to keep going to each of the other 6 lines. There's a 51 foot free fall at the end of the tour. It doesn't look like much, but it WILL put the stomach in your throat for a couple seconds. If you're a thrill seeker, this is a must.

As my 1st zip line adventure, I can say this won't be my last. They're open for another week and a half this fall, then start back up in the spring. My bucket list doesn't go very deep with extreme adventures, but I can proudly say I checked an item off of it!