With the theatre being now open- are you comfortable going to see a movie in the theatre?  I personally prefer seeing a movie this way- at least some of the bigger blockbuster type of shows.  If you are at all concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, there are some options for you - and you can still see a show on the big screen.

Marcus Parkwood Theatre in Waite Park has reserved some of their shows as vaccine only shows.  Not all of them, however.  So it's not that they are requiring a vaccination to enter the theatre- just some movies will have this requirement.  Also- if it is a showing that requires a vaccination, that means everyone...even kids.  If they are not at an age that a vaccination is available, they will have to go to a different showing.

You can check their website and see which ones are, and which ones do not require the vaccination.  The movies that have this requirement are clearly marked.  And, you can pre-order your tickets, food and see what the capacity limits are for each show.

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As of today, the shows that are requiring a vaccination are:

Scream and Redeeming Love.  There are also showings of those movies that don't require a vaccination.  The times for these movies is limited.  So, if you want to see those with others who are vaccinated, you will need to make sure you check the showing.

You can check each week to see which movies and showings are available.

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