So pretty much everything has been either cancelled or postponed in the next few months.


This includes Valleyfair which normally would be opening very soon. But, if you are wanting to simulate what it would be like to ride some of the roller coasters, you can do that right from your living room.

Load the kids up on the living room couch, or do what one dad did, and put your small child in the laundry basket, and "be" the ride.  It can actually be pretty fun.  More fun if you have a giant TV screen in your house.  It's more like those rides that you see in the mall where you get into the car thingy and it moves all over while you watch the screen.  This would be really cool at the Omni Theatre.  But for right now- we get to hang in the living room and watch it from there.

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Valleyfair has postponed their opening for now... but hopes to be open at some point this summer with everything you would expect to do there, including some new events.  They have also extended their season pass (if you have one) until 2021.

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