WAITE PARK - Waite Park police continue to investigate the incident that happened at the Crossroads Mall Thursday night.

Chief Dave Bentrud says they are asking for your help if you were at the mall and saw anything that happened in the parking lot near the food court entrance around 6:30 p.m.

Bentrud reiterates there was no incident of any kind inside Crossroads.

There was a two hour lockdown at the mall after a man and a woman were sitting in a parked car near the food court area when two unknown men came up to their car. One of the men tapped on the couple's car window, lifted his shirt and showed the couple a gun strapped to his waistband. The gun was not pointed at the couple. Both men were last seen walking into the food court in mall.

No injuries were reported. The mall remained closed for the rest of the night on Thursday.

Bentrud says they believe they know who the men are that they are looking for.

Bentrud believes the incident in the parking lot is an isolated event, and he doesn't believe there is an on-going security risk or safety concern. He encourages customers to resume normal shopping. The mall opened at its regular time Friday morning.