Why Target stores were 'targeted' across the country over the death of George Floyd remains a mystery to me; regardless of the reason, the stores haves sustained so much damage across the country that there are many that will not be re-opening anytime soon.

Two of those locations are located in Minneapolis. Both the Lake Street store, as well as the smaller format Target store on Lagoon Avenue in Uptown had significant damage.

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Target has set a goal to reopen at some point in 2020, but at this point, an opening date has not been set. They are actually discussing whether they should open at all in some of the locations that are closed for now.

Target realizes that their closure could have significant effects on people who live close to the locations, that rely on them for the medications, groceries and other supplies. Currently Target is working with local non profits in Minneapolis to supply first aid supplies, water and other essential products for those families that were affected due to the rioting in those areas.

According to an article at BRINGMETHENEWS, the store is preparing to survey the damage and begin their recovery efforts.


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