I saw this survey and I had to address it because first of all, it states the obvious and second, I'm living proof of it.

Insurance.com conducted a survey and I'm sure the results will just shock you. Apparently women have more rude driving behaviors than men do.  This includes honking at someone driving too slowly, swearing in front of children while driving and making obscene hand gestures.

Okay, great so women are easily ticked off while driving.  I can totally relate.  We have speed limits for a reason -- you're not supposed to be driving 30 mph in 55 mph zone. If you are, get out of my way.  Take a back road, do whatever, but let the rest of us pass. I don't typically honk but I will give dirty looks.  Not that it means anything in the grand scheme of things.

I try my best to avoid obscene language and gestures but let's be honest, I'm human.  It happens once in a while.

Now guys, don't go thinking you're all innocent because you're not.  The study also found that that men were more likely to use foul language in front of their in-laws while driving, turn their brights at an oncoming car for the heck of it and key another person's vehicle.  Way to go all Carrie Underwood on the cars guys!

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