The holidays! It's the most wonderful time of the year to stress eat! I prefer crunchy peanut butter by the jar.

With all of the money we blew on buying love for another year, what's left to spoil US?

How about a few tips about spoiling yourself on a budget!

1) READ. You probably have books taking up space...use them! There are plenty of free books to read online as well. Just take care with the brightness of your screen.

2) SLEEP. My personal favorite. Try to take a nap in sync with your circadian rhythm. Staring at a bright screen can mess up your rhythm.

3) SHUT THE DANG PHONE OFF! Disconnect from the world. Watch a movie.

The Following Pictures Are Not Helpful

Lola Fischer
I love wash machine rides! (Getty Images)


Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm Offers Snake Massage
Got pet snakes? Put those freeloaders to work! (Getty Images)


Facial Spa
Just set your blender to "exfoliate" (Getty Images)

Find more tips on treating yourself without spending money you don't have at Lifehacker.

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