Yeah, times are tough and sometimes a person has to take drastic action to stay afloat in today's economy. Rents are high and so are the real estate prices. What's a person to do? Might have to move back home with mom and dad.

From recent statistics, we know that a record number of people are moving back in with their parents. You might think that the main reason is that they don't have a job. Nope, according to these are the main reasons people move back in with their parents.

The #1 reason for moving back in with parents is a breakup or divorce. this makes sense when you have no where to go.

To save money is the #2 reason. I can see this if you are saving for down payment on a house or paying off some of your student loans.

Not having a job came in at #3. Makes sense, no job, no money. Once again, where do you go until you can get back on your feet.


The #4 reason is probably the best one. Most likely your parents took pretty good care of you when you were growing up. Well, now it may be time to repay all that.

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The # 4 reason for moving back into your parents place is to take care of them in their advanced age or if they are having some health problems

Only about 12% fulfill the stereotype of living in their parents basement.

One in four actually pay rent to their parents.

My parents are both gone and I'm pretty sure the people that live there now wouldn't appreciate me moving in, childhood home or not.

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