From his multiple costume changes, multiple versions of himself and unforgettable dance moves in "Make Me Wanna" to the numerous special effects in "T-Shirt" -- not to mention the recently released action movie trailer-style "Craving You" -- Thomas Rhett has released some memorable music videos. The singer-songwriter says that he finds the process of making his videos almost as much fun as the process of writing and recording his songs.

"They’re so fun. It’s fun when you have a good treatment," Rhett told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "There’s a lot of times you’re working with a lot of different scripts -- you’re like, ‘Man, I don’t know about any of these yet’ -- but I’m so fortunate to have a guy like [director] TK [McKamy] ... Really, instead of a lot of people submitting treatments now, he and I are like, ‘Hey, here’s the song. Let’s figure out how we can make this bigger than the song.’ Because when you get to do a video, you get to tell a story."


Among Rhett's most memorable music videos are "Vacation," which was shot using a GoPro while on vacation in Hawaii, and "Die a Happy Man." Both clips also star Rhett's wife Lauren, which the country star jokingly admits might have been a mistake.

"I feel like my fans are now like, ‘Well, why is she not going to be in all your videos?’ and I’m like, ‘She does not want to be,'" Rhett explains. "She hates being the center of attention. So anytime I bring her onstage or say her name in a concert, she’s really shy, and she’s like, ‘Oh God, here we go.’

"But she really is such an amazing person, an amazing trooper when it comes to doing these videos," Rhett continues. "She made the "[Die a] Happy Man" video what it is, 100 percent."

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When it came time to make the music video for Rhett's recent No. 1 hit, "Star of the Show" (in which Lauren also appears), the 27-year-old says that doing so was difficult but completely worth it.

"Basically, it was a one-take video, so every time you messed up, you couldn’t restart that scene, but you had to restart the entire video," Rhett says. "Getting all those moving parts and all those dancers, and throwing the paint and throwing all of that kind of stuff, at the right time took a long time to get right.

"I just wanted to do something different for that song," he adds. "I had to beg Lauren to be in it the little time that she was in it, but I think she made it great. It was a really fun video to make."

Rhett's current single, "Craving You," is a duet with Maren Morris; both Morris and Rhett star in its music video -- and, yes, Lauren is in it as well. The song is from Rhett's upcoming new album and is available for download on iTunes.

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