There is a new study out there that confirms what I've been feeling. Losing weight these days is getting harder and harder.  I blame it on too much month at the end of the money. Are there people out there that just work ONE job? I blame my difficulties on long hours and no extra time.  Weightloss is just as hard if maybe not harder for Minnesotans that others. Why?


Technology is being blamed for some of it. We are  moving around less and less now that we can watch our favorite series all in a 3 hour span. Binge watching is a thing. Uber and Lyft keep people from walking when they used to have to do it. Plus, there are a million fast food restaurants that help you save time so you can work more.  Here in Minnesota, we walk less outdoors in the winter. While some of our more sporty neighbors take to the ski slopes, it's not for everyone.


What about shopping? I can't blame any of these things.  I do online shopping because I can do it in between breaks on the computer. It gives me back the time to make ends meet.  I eat out because it gives me more time to sit in front of my computer and work. Not healthy options? Agreed. Options? I'm really happy for those people who have big salaries or two income homes...but there are plenty of us out here trying to raise kids on one income...and it's the first priority. Money brings food. Money brings a roof over your head. After trying several times to get to a gym, I end up spending money on something I never get to attend. It's depressing!


Researchers say talk to a professional like your Doctor about a realistic plan. A realistic expectation. What can you do to control your current weight? The good news...Summer is coming. I'm hoping that at least we can step outside and walk around the block. But your doctor or health care professional might be able to give you an idea of what you can do for fast healthy food choices, and options to the lack of exercise.

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