Explore Minnesota has listed the most beautiful, scenic, and colorful hikes to take this Fall in Minnesota. So pack a lunch, leash up the dog, hit the road, and take a hike -- because there's no hiking like Fall hiking in Minnesota. Here are the top spots:

In addition to my home here in Central Minnesota, I spend a fair about of time in Northeast & Southeast Minnesota. Hard to beat the southern Mississippi river bluffs region, and the North Shore -- but there's plenty to love right here in our own backyard.

Here's Explore Minnesota's list, along with some of my personal favorites:

Superior Hiking Trail

Three hundred miles of trail is probably more than you can fit into your weekend, but in any chunk this trail will amaze. From Jay Cooke State Park (one of my stand-alone faves) from the Carlton/Cloquet area all the way to the Canadian Border -- you can pick any section for a few hours of fall colors, waterfalls, lake views, and more. Stop at the Scenic Cafe just north of Duluth on Highway 61 for dinner (you can thank me later).

Maplewood State Park

Head to the northwest out of St. Cloud, and you can find this state park near Pelican Rapids. It's an amazing 9000 acres of reds, oranges, and burnt sienna (I saw that crayon in another kids big box with the sharpener on the back). 25 miles of trails are calling you.

Mississippi River Bluffs

Outside of my local faves here in Central Minnesota -- this area is my go-to; far above the highly regarded North Shore in Autumn. Red Wing, Wabash, Lake Pepin. Walk, drive, crawl -- whatever you have to do, make sure you find a way to hit this area in peak color season.

My Central Minnesota Favorites

I grew up in Minnesota, but moved away when I was 20, and I deeply missed the Minnesota autumn. Now that I'm back in the homeland, these are some of may favorite fall color hikes close to home:

Even if it's just a short walk in the woods -- there's no comparison for what it can do for your senses and soul, as opposed to just driving by with the windows rolled down.

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