Social Media

What Do You Do Online That Would Be Creepy In Real Life?
Cindy and I spend a fair amount of our time online every morning. Posting to Facebook, Twitter, and the 98 Country site. We like to 'share.' This video from has picked up a couple million hits on YouTube the past few days. Funny, but true. Anything you'd add?
Christmas Tree Powered by Social Media [VIDEO]
This 30-foot Christmas tree stands in Toronto's Union Station, and the lights are powered by social media. The creators of the Christmas Spirit Tree are calling it "the first Christmas tree powered by Christmas spirit". Super cool - check it out!!!!
Facebook’s New Timeline Coming Soon [VIDEO]
Facebook's new news feed that premiered earlier this week had many users upset over the change. Well this is me warning you now - prepare for a lot more change. These are not small changes either, Facebook is going to introduce "Timeline" shortly, and it will make Facebook …