WIn A New iPad!
98 Country congratulates Annie Glass of St. Cloud, winner of a new iPad! This morning we drew the name of one of our Twitter followers, and her name is the one that came out of the hat. Connect with 98 Country on Twitter, Facebook, and in the 98 Country Club, and watch the magic happen.
Get Ready for a Mini iPad
If you have been dreaming of the day when Apple comes out with an iPad like devise that is smaller than its original but larger than the iPhone, then get excited, and maybe take some time to reevaluate your dreams.
Amazon Introduces Competition For Apple iPad [VIDEO]
If you are like me, you want the latest technology but don't have the funds to support your craving. For some time now I have gone back and forth with my bank account to find the money to purchase an Apple iPad. Sadly, I have not been able to come up with the funds. Now there may be hope in get…
Friskies Makes iPad Apps for Cats [VIDEOS]
Given how popular cats are on the internet, it’s no surprise that Friskies — makers of delicious cat food (or so our cats tell us) for over 50 years — recently rolled out a line of tablet-based apps just for cats. Featuring movements, shapes and colors tailored to appeal to kitty’s sensibilities, yo…
iPhone Is Secretly Keeping Track Of Your Every Move
Every time a new Iphone product comes out, the lines form with thousands of people lining up to get their hands on it the day it hits stores. I have always known the Iphone and Ipad were too good to be true. It turns out Apple is secretly monitoring your every move and recording every place you go. …