DWI: How Does MN Compare?
According to a report published by BackgroundChecks.org, drinking and driving arrests are on the rise in America, but Minnesota is doing better than most states. They looked at data from the CDC and MADD to determine which are the best and worst states when it comes to driving under the influence.
Extra DWI Enforcement on Minnesota Roads this Month
Do you want to find your car parked in the impound lot or yourself in jail? If your holiday plans involve a night of drinking, line up a sober ride. It’s easy to leave your car behind and call a friend or a cab. Extra DWI enforcement is on Minnesota roads thr…
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety released its yearly list of Minnesota's 'Top 25 Most Dangerous Drunk Driving Counties.' It's made up of the last three years of statistics of DWI related deaths and alcohol-related crashes that cause serious injury. Hi…
Double-Sister DWI In Sartell
A Sartell woman was arrested on suspicion of driving while drunk, on her way to pick up her sister arrested earlier for the same offense. The incident happened just before 2:00 a.m. yesterday (Sunday) along River Avenue South.