Beach Party

The Weekender: Beach Party, Mahowalds Makin Music, and More!
Keep your 4th of July holiday fun going well into the weekend throughout central Minnesota. Listen to a family band at Paramount Theatre, see the talents of fiddle player Cristina Seaborn, hang out with penguins at the Hemker Zoo, test your knowledge of trivia in St. Joseph, and celebrate International Day of the Co-Op. Read more in The Weekender!
The Excessive Heat in the 98 Country Studio Makes Me Feel Like Ross [VIDEO]
The current temperature in the 98 Country studio is 956 degrees. Ok, ok that could be slightly dramatic...but just saying "it's hot in here" really doesn't do it justice. It's so hot I could host a Bikram yoga class in here, seriously. To make matters worse, I wore skinny jeans today, and now I feel like Ross on that episode of 'Friends' where he wears leather pants to a girls house... R