Honoring our fallen heroes is a year-round commitment, and that's especially true when it comes to helping Wreaths For The Fallen meet their goal of placing wreaths on the graves of all fallen Minnesota servicemen & women at Minnesota State Veteran Cemeteries during December each year.

The first year of laying wreaths was in 2006 and 5 wreaths were placed at the cemetery. Over the years the number of wreaths placed has soared from about 90 in 2008, 400 in 2009, 1492 in 2010, 2700 in 2011, 3200 in 2012, 3549 in 2013, 3800 in 2014 and a record breaking 4157 honor wreaths in 2015. The years ahead are projected to be substantially greater as there are almost 500 burials every year.

You can help cover the cost of honoring our fallen heroes with wreaths at Minnesota State Veteran Cemeteries this December by making a donation below. Wreaths For The Fallen is a 501(c)3 organization. All Contributions are tax deductable.

Thank you for your help in ensuring this tradition to honor Minnesota's heroes can continue to grow.