Every so often you will run into these claims on Facebook where if you post this "certain something" on your feed as your status, you will stop something.  Like if you post a certain status you will see more of the friends than the same 25 people. That's not true.  There's also one that says that if you don't post something then you will be charged by Facebook. That one isn't true either.

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The latest one claims that if you copy and paste a certain status on your feed you will remove all the ads from your Facebook feeds and now you will be able to see all of your friends again.  This is another one that does not work.  But there is the claim that it does, that is also false.

This is the false post:

Update-- this morning my entire feed was ads. After i did this all i see is my people again. Im not sure how it works, but it  did??  

To regain friends in your news feed and get rid of ads - Hold your finger anywhere in this post and click ′copy’. Go to your page where it says ‘What's on your mind?’ Tap your finger anywhere in the blank field. Click paste. This upgrades the system.

Hello new and old friends!

It's sad we have to keep doing this to kill the Ads and see our friends

KARE 11 did a "Verify" on this subject and discovered that it is completely false.  None of these copy and paste posts ever work.  It's a complete waste of time... but it doesn't seem to be a scam, like it doesn't seem to hurt anything if you do copy and past the status update.  It just doesn't do anything.

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