ST. CLOUD -- Metro Bus is transitioning to a new fare system and riders can now buy what's called Smart Ride Cards or download the Smart Ride app.

The changeover to the new fareboxes and fare payment options will go into effect on October 1st when Metro Bus resumes collecting fares.

The Smart Ride Cards and a one-day Smart Ride Ticket are available for purchase right now either online at or by downloading the Smart Ride app. Starting September 19th, riders can buy the cards at the Metro Bus Transit Center in downtown St. Cloud.

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Once you have your Smart Ride Card purchased, you're encouraged to register it on to protect it against loss, damage or theft. Only registered Smart Ride Cards will be eligible for a balance transfer.

Any unused passes, tokens and change cards can be exchanged from September 19th through October 16th at the downtown Transit Center. Also, the Smart Ride Cards are free during that period but, after that date, any unexchanged passes and tokens will have no value and Smart Ride Cards will cost $3.00 for a first-time purchase or a replacement card.

Customers can still pay their fares with cash, but you are encouraged to use exact change because the drivers and fareboxes are unable to give or make change.

The cost of the fares remains the same.


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