There has always been a certain hierarchy when it comes to the 'big four' Minnesota sports teams. The Vikings are the top dog, followed by the Twins, Wild and, way down at the bottom, are the Timberwolves... but is that still the case?

The Wolves have always, rightfully or not, been seen as the state's sad-sack franchise. After all, there was a point in 2021 where they overtook the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the worst all-time winning percentage in all of MLB, the NHL, NBA and NFL.

Since beginning play in 1989 and through last season the Wolves had made the playoffs ten times, losing in the first round nine times and making the conference finals once (in 2004).

This past season the Timberwolves advanced to the conference finals for a second time after winning 56 games and finishing third in the loaded Western Conference. The Minnesota Wild, however, failed to make the playoffs.



Regular season: 1147-1647 (.411)
Playoffs: 29-48 (.376)
Series Wins: Four
Conference Finals: Two
NBA Finals: Zero


Regular Season: 897-680-55-181 (.494)
Playoffs: 34-62 (.354)
Series Wins: Four
Conference Finals: One
Stanley Cup Finals: Zero

The Minnesota Wild have thus far managed to avoid the 'loser' reputation that has followed the Wolves around for decades despite a similar track record, but how long can they stave off the negativity of Minnesota sports fans?

The Wolves look poised to run it back next year with a solid young core and a clear plan of attack. The Wild, meanwhile, are facing another year of salary cap purgatory and have a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to their roster.

Will Minnesota be known as the 'State of Basketball' moving forward?

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