Ok so it maybe wasn't as drastic as the picture above.This past weekend was hot, it was humid, the sun was out, it was everything an August weekend should be. But then as I was golfing Sunday evening, I noticed a couple things that didn't scream summer. One of those things: acorns. Acorns everywhere. They were dropping from trees like rain! I don't know about you, but I consider acorns a 'Fall' thing. Tied in with orange and red toned decor. Not a summer thing, but they were everywhere!

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

Then as we drove over a hill on a hole, I noticed that the trees weren't all the same color. We have played this course a few times and all the trees on this horizon were definitely all green the last time we were there! That one in the middle doesn't look too green to me.

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

And the last sign came at the grocery store after our round of golf. Displays of Halloween candy are already out. Might as well stock up on variety bags and eat my feelings.

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

I'm not ready for Fall! Summer went way too fast!

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